Lisa Wilson

Lisa Wilson is originally from just outside of Columbus, OH. From an early age, Lisa demonstrated a strong interest in the arts. Encouraged by friends and family, Lisa was fortunate to attend Indiana University in Bloomington, IN in pursuit of an undergraduate degree in the theatrical arts. While she enjoyed her studies in technical theater, Lisa quickly found herself enrolled in historical and studio arts courses as well. One of these courses was Introduction to Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design. Lisa went on to earn her B.F.A. in Studio Art, metalsmithing and jewelry design, in addition to a B.A. in Theater and Drama in May of 2007. Excited to continue her studies in metalsmithing, Lisa attended graduate school at Miami University in Oxford, OH, where she recently earned her M.F.A. As an emerging artist, Lisa has exhibited work in local, national, and internationally competitive juried exhibitions and has been honored by award on several occasions.